About Us

We’re learning how to break out of the box and make a life of travel and adventure. We want to help you do the same!

If you’re anything like us, then being stuck inside-the-box that has been built around you (either by yourself, your family, or society) just isn’t working for you anymore. You want more: adventurous hiking trails; sun-drenched, sandy beaches; white-capped mountain tops; or bustling metropolises.

It sounds like travel is the answer for you.

But you can’t find a way to make it work. There’s never enough money. There’s never enough time. People tell you it’s not safe to travel with children. It’s too stressful to travel with children. The kids are too young to remember the trips, so you need to wait until they’re older.

There are a million excuses not to travel. I’ve heard them all, and used most of them myself, too. What about the reasons why you should?

Travel opens your eyes to new places, people, and ways of life. It takes you out of your comfort zone, making you aware of your own insignificance and your potential for greatness. Travel challenges you to grow and become your best possible self. Travel gives you new friends, memories, and stories that will be yours to keep for the rest of your life.

Traveling Outside-the-Box

So, you know you want to travel, you just don’t know how to make it work for you. That’s where we can help.

At Traveling Outside-the-Box, we want to show you how to make travel happen. It’s about reprioritising and making the changes in your life to make it possible. It’s about finding the type of travel that works for you, your family, and your circumstances, even if that means having to think outside-the-box.

Start here to begin exploring the endless travel options available, learn how to plan and save, learn to think like a seasoned traveler with tips and how-to’s, and gain inspiration from fellow traveling families who are just starting out or who have spent a lifetime wandering around the globe.

We understand that travel is NOT one-size-fits-all, and we work to explore all different means and ways of traveling. Our goal is to help you find the courage and the solutions you need to travel, to help you travel more, or just to help you travel differently!

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The Clayvilles

In 2015, Nate and I took an anniversary trip that changed the way we looked at the world and our family’s place within it. We returned home with a desire to pack up the kids and find a new way of life- a travel life. But we found ourselves stuck in Suburbia America, buried under debt and uncertainty. We decided it was time to make some changes and make travel happen, even if in unconventional ways.

We’ve found so much happiness in embracing a life of minimalism and adventure. And we’re working toward a future in which we will be free to travel for as long as we want, to all the places we want. This is our story of how we are making this life a reality. Come learn from our successes and mistakes, our triumphs and frustrations.


Nate ClayvilleNate works full time as the Senior Economist for the Territory of American Samoa. He loves summer and being outside, especially when the too are combined. Nate’s dream has always been to live in the South Pacific and spend everyday scuba-diving and exploring of the islands. We’re half-way there! Nate feels the responsibility of providing safety and security to his family and as such, approaches the planning of travel more cautiously than myself.


Melinda ClayvilleMelinda’s a SAH/WAH mom, former fitness instructor-turned blogger, and world-schooler for our three kids. My perfect day would be with my family, either swimming and relaxing at the beach, or hiking along trails leading to a beach, where we could be growing closer through play and work. I am so passionate about the idea of long-term travel with our family that I have to remind myself to be patient. If we keep working and moving in that direction, it will happen. I’m excited for my family to experience how people all over the world live, work, eat and play. I worry about the health and safety of the kids and ourselves, but I also see how the benefits can outweigh the risks.


About Hadley

Our oldest is 10, going on 20. She loves taking charge and organizing activities for anyone who will participate. She loves math, spending time with friends, swimming in the ocean, and playing on her tablet. Hadley is curious about the world and interested in meeting new people and seeing new places. She worries about not having her friends and that she will have a hard time making new friends because of the language barrier.


About Holden ClayvilleOur next is 7. He stays busy from the moment he wakes up, until his head hits the pillow at night. Holden is full of life, love and happiness (that may sound cheesy but seriously, this kid is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet). He loves science, Minecraft, being in the ocean, planning future inventions, and cuddling up with Mom and Dad. Holden is excited to play with new kids and to see what toys he can find around the world. Also, he is excited to try different kinds of sweets.


About Kip ClayvilleOur youngest is 4. He spends his days playing with cars and trucks, asking for snacks, playing outside, deciphering this new world, and making friends with anyone who will give him the chance. He loves reading stories and doing everything that Holden and Hadley do. I’m excited for some of his first memories to be international. For him, our traveling lifestyle will be the norm, he won’t know any different.

Start here to see where Traveling Outside-the-Box can take you!