Meet the Clayvilles

Traveling Outside the Box is a blog about making travel happen. Its about making the changes in our lives to make it happen. We are all in different places and yet, if you’re reading this, I’m assuming you have a desire to travel too.

In 2015, we found ourselves stuck in Suburb America, with a desire to be anywhere else. With our three kids in tow, we decided to make travel happen, even if in unconventional ways.

Our goal is to help you find the courage and the solutions to help you travel, to help you travel more or maybe just to help you travel differently! Together, Nate and I, have put together guides, how-to’s, personal experiences and reviews to share what we have learned and what we continue to learn.

We are working toward a future in which we will be free to travel for as long as we want, to all the places we want. This is our story of how we will get there. Come learn from our successes and mistakes, our triumphs and frustrations.

The Clayvilles

nate picNate- Works full time as the Economist for the Territory of American Samoa. He loves summer and being outside, especially when the too are combined. Nate’s dream is to live in the South Pacific and spend everyday scuba-diving and exploring of the islands. We’re half-way there! Nate feels the responsibility of providing safety and security to his family and as such, approaches the planning of travel more cautiously than me.

melinda picMelinda- I am a stay-at-home-mom to three awesome kids and former fitness instructor. I love spending time with my family, whether out on an adventure or for a night at home. I enjoy cooking good healthy meals for my family and love incorporating foods from around the world. I am so in love with the idea of traveling long-term with our family that I have to remind myself to be patient and know that if I keep working, it will happen. I’m excited for my family to experience, first-hand how people all over the world live, work, eat and play. I worry about the health and safety of the kids and ourselves.

hadley picHadley- Our oldest is 9, going on 19. She loves taking charge and organizing activities for anyone who will participate. She loves school, spending time with friends and cousins, swimming, riding bikes and playing on her tablet. Hadley is curious about the world and interested in meeting new people and seeing new places. She worries about not having her friends and that she will have a hard time making new friends because of the language barrier.

holden picHolden- Our next is 6. He stays busy from the moment he wakes up, until his head hits the pillow at night. He is full of life, love and happiness (that may sound cheesy but seriously, this kid is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet). He loves school, Legos, superheroes, Minecraft and cuddling up with Mom and Dad. Holden is excited to play with new kids and to see what toys he can find around the world. Also, he is excited to try different kinds of sweets. He worries about being in a plane crash.

kip picKip- Our youngest is 3. He spends his days playing with cars and trucks, asking for snacks, playing outside and deciphering this new world. He loves reading stories and doing everything that Holden and Hadley do. I’m excited for some of his first memories to be international. For him, our lifestyle will be the norm, he won’t know any different. I worry about his language development, if he’s always surrounded by different languages.

Follow us as we figure out how to travel outside-the-box!