How to Have the #BestTripEver

You’ve planned and saved, and you’re finally ready for your trip. This is the one you’ve been dreaming of, working toward, and telling everyone about.

Here’s how to make sure it’s perfect:

Unrealistically High Expectations #besttripever

Tip 1: Set Unrealistically High Expectations

This is going to be the BEST. TRIP. EVER! (#besttripever)

Before you even leave, make sure you know exactly what you want out of it. You want it to blow your mind, right? You’ve been working so hard, it can’t be anything less than perfection. Instagram is going to have nothing on you, once you get there.

Map with Pins for the #BestTripEver

Tip 2: Overplan

You’ve been researching the destination on Pinterest for months, if not years. You have lists of Top 5, Top 50, and Top 500 Things to Do In (your destination). Sure, you only have seven days, but you’d better believe you’re going to fit in seven weeks worth. Who needs sleep? Who needs down time? No room in your schedule for spontaneity. You have to make sure that you won’t miss a thing.

Extravagant Travel

Tip 3: Blow All of Your Money

This is the trip of a lifetime, after all, and if you’re coming this far, you might as well go all out! You may never have another chance like this again. Not to mention, people are watching. You know you’re not the only one with high expectations. You owe it to your friends, family, and followers, as much as yourself. Remember those high expectations? Those things aren’t cheap, they take cold, hard cash, and lots of it. Let’s be honest, you’ll just put it on your credit card anyway, who deals in actual money these days? You’ll have the rest of your life to pay it off, might as well live it up now.

Private Resort Beach

Tip 4: Stay On the Resort

You wouldn’t even dare step outside your resort! The world is full of dangerous murderers, drug dealers, and thieves, unlike your home country. You know, there was this one story, where a friend of a friend’s cousin heard on the news that someone was held at knife-point and robbed. You’re not taking any chances! Instead, you’ll just leave the SPF at home and make sure you come back with a killer tan.

And there you have it… Four simple steps to make sure you have the #BestTripEver!

Now, what could possibly go wrong?

Pinnable #BestTripEver Image
Pin Me! Then, look forward to Part 2.
Disclaimer: This post is meant to be sarcastic. Please don’t take any of it as actual advice. If you’re planning a trip, stay tuned for next week’s post- How to Have a Great Trip. You’ll find actual tips, not to ensure the perfect trip, but to help you have a great trip, even if (or when) things go wrong. 

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