5 Things You Must Pack for Pregnant Travel

You are pregnant, healthy and in an adventurous mood! Embarking on a journey with a bump is, in many ways, easier than with a baby. So, if you want to make the most of your freedom during your pregnancy months and are wondering what to pack, read on for our five pregnancy packing tips.

Easy and Convenient Wheeled Luggage for Pregnant Travel

1. Luggage

However you’re travelling, select easy-wheel baggage. Keep things simple and pack light, because the last thing you need is more weight to lug around. Conserve your energy levels by carrying an eye mask, earplugs and inflatable travel pillow to use in the air or on the road, whenever you need a quick nap to pick you back up.

Comfortable Clothes for Pregnant Travel

2. Clothes

Choose roomy, lightweight long tops and pair them with comfy maternity leggings. Well-being comes before fashion for footwear, too! Stick to flats – boots or sturdy shoes for cold weather, supportive sandals for hot. Maternity underwear might not always be the most stylish, but who cares? Blossoming boobs and an expanding waistline call for good quality pants and bras that fit, especially when travelling.

It’s just as important to feel comfortable in the water. If you plan on swimming, decide whether you want a bikini that boasts your bump or a tankini which covers it up. Make sure you feel relaxed and flattered, whatever you wear.

Important Health and Travel Documents While Pregnant

3. Paperwork

• Cover all bases by taking your maternity notes with you, as well as your passport. Information like this could be useful in an emergency.

• If you are flying after 28 weeks, you need a doctor’s letter stating you are fit to travel. It might be worth getting one from 24 weeks if you want to avoid the risk of being refused access to an airplane. If you’re travelling abroad, it’s also sensible to carry a note from your GP explaining any prescribed medication and why you need it.

• Any travel insurance must be upgraded to include pregnancy cover. Don’t skimp on insurance if you are travelling abroad. Medical costs can be astronomical in other parts of the world and any pregnancy always adds a small amount of risk.

Healthy Snacks for Pregnant Travel

4. Food and Drink

Make sure you have healthy snacks on hand if you’re travelling, especially if you suffer from morning sickness. Stay hydrated by taking a bottle of water or an empty one which you can refill once through security, if going by air.

Health Considerations for Pregnant Travel

5. Health

Wherever you’re going, it pays to do a little advance research for details of emergency services at your destination. Leave this type of information with someone at home, along with your itinerary, details of your insurance company and any other numbers you might need in an emergency. That way, you are only ever one call away from help.

Don’t forget heartburn tablets and a bump band to support your lower back. Anti-bacterial hand gel is essential, along with your usual pregnancy vitamins and medications. Plus, remember flight socks if you are going to be up in the air.

Finally, remember that most airlines won’t carry you if you are 36 weeks pregnant or over. For further health information about flying when pregnant, check out the NHS website.

For more ideas on what to pack in your carry-on, check out Don’t Leave Home without It.

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  1. YES on packing snacks! Eating constantly was all that kept me from very bad morning (and afternoon and evening) sickness during my first trimester for both kids.

    1. That healthy part is the clincher, huh. Luckily, travel with kids is still totally doable, too!

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