Charlesworth Bay Beach Resort

Let me set the stage for you: It was a dark and stormy night. We were in a foreign land, driving on the wrong side of the road. The rain was falling faster than our wipers could keep up with. Our oldest was feeling sick from being in the car too long. And we all just wanted to get to our hotel, so we could drop off our things, and go find some comfort food, to satisfy our howling stomachs.

Out of the darkness, came a sign, pointing us in the direction of our salvation. Driving through the extensive grounds, we found a parking spot at the back, next to the children’s playground, which was also near our room. Our boys shouted with excitement, at the prospect of playing, after being stuck in the car. Sadly, we (the mean parents) insisted on running past the playground, to get through the rain, and into the warm, dry safety of our room, as quickly as possible.

We opened the door to our room and…

What We Liked About Charlesworth Bay Beach Resort

The sofa-bed the kids used, these can be quite cringe-worthy, but this was clean and comfortable, even for adults


The room was clean and comfortable. With a king-sized bed for Nate and I, and a pull-out sofa bed for the kids, it was ideal for a good night’s sleep. The well-stocked kitchen had all the necessities, including packets of hot cocoa, perfect for warming up chilled kiddos after a run through the cool rain.

Our comfy king-sized bed

Kids’ Playground

Even though our kids missed out on the chance to play, the structure was clean, sturdy, and age appropriate. There were colorful coverings strung across the top, that could offer protection from  the hot sun or light showers.

CBR provided this binder, full of information about the resort and surrounding area


Charlesworth Bay Beach Resort is spacious, with individual resorts spread throughout the grounds. Our room was toward the back, right by the playground and bordered the neighboring bush land. If it had not been for the rain, I could  have see the kids spending hours outside, enjoying the playground and nicely manicured lawns. Being set so far back, I wouldn’t have worried about our kids disrupting the majority of the guests. The resort is also within close proximity to The Big Banana Fun Park and other resorts and restaurants around Coff’s Harbour.

What Was Less Than Ideal


When we first walked into our room, we noticed a funky smell. Not of rotten food or sewage, more of a musty smell, possibly from all the recent rain. It wasn’t overpowering or long-lasting. Over the course of the night, the smell dissipated and it didn’t lingere on our belongings after we’d left the resort.


We experienced flawless internet everywhere in Australia, except in our room. Using the data on our phones was painfully slow and the resort WiFi was all but nonexistent. On the plus side, it forced us all to be more present and I’m sure we appreciated the amenities in our room even more.

Charlesworth Bay Beach Resort Drenched Patio
The drippy view from our drenched patio

Rain, Rain, Rain, and More Rain

It literally did NOT stop raining throughout our entire stay! Now, this wasn’t the resort’s fault, but I thought it was worth noting. I don’t know if it was just a bad coincidence or if this region of NSW is more prone to heavy rainfall. I’d suggest making sure you have plenty of indoor activities included on your itinerary.

What We Loved about Charlesworth Bay Beach Resort

Charlesworth Bay Beach Resort Pool
Can you see the raindrops, contrasted against the black covering?


Charlesworth has three, splendid swimming pools: A main resort pool, a 25 meter lap pool, and an outdoor heated spa. Around the pools were comfy looking deck chairs and lounges. Sometimes, I think pools can look even prettier in the rain. Watching the drops of rain, falling onto the water, and rippling out. It’s cathartic. The beauty was not lost in the deluge.

Charlesworth Bay Beach Resort Private Beach


Private beach… Need I say more? As advertised, there was a beautiful, sandy beach, within easy walking distance from our room. Even on a rainy day, the water looked inviting on this secluded and peaceful beach.

Charlesworth Bay Beach Resort In-Room Jetted Tub

Jetted Tub

With the pools and the beach out of the equation during our soggy stay, the in-room jetted tub was our saving grace! The kids put on their swimming suits and had a blast splashing around in the warm, bubbly water. And you’d better believe this momma took full advantage of a luxurious soak, while Nate and the kids watched a movie.

Overall, Charlesworth Bay Beach Resort was the cozy, relaxing stop we needed, to help break up our long, wet, Australian road trip. In spite of a few complaints, Charlesworth was definitely in the running as one of our favorite stays during our trip Down Under.

I do my best to represent our lifestyle and trips in the most honest and authentic way I can. So, when we experience something that isn’t what we were expecting (for better or for worse), I’m going to tell it like it is. That way, you know you can trust me when I tell you about the parts we loved!

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