10 Things We Loved About Australia

After spending two weeks in Australia, I’m by no means an Aussie expert, but I am prepared to give my opinions. Australia has always been this dream destination, top of my bucket-list, a perfection-grade paradise in my mind. As our vacation got closer and closer, I started to worry that I had built it up too much in my mind. I was afraid that I’d be disappointed, that it wouldn’t meet my high expectations. A few things were less than amazing, but overall, I’m happy to report that Australia met my expectations and then some!

The 10 Things We Loved about Australia

10. Accent

Need I say more? Not that you have to be Down Under to hear the Aussie accent, but being constantly surrounded by it was truly a treat. The kids had fun practicing their Aussie accents and I’ve got to say, Hadley was doing pretty well by the end. We’ve all taken to saying tomato (tuh-MAH-toh) sauce, instead of ketchup, it just sounds so much richer and more poetic.

Bark Paintings at the Art Gallery of New South Wales
Nate and Holden looking at traditional bark paintings

9. Art Museums

For two people who are completely untalented artistically, Nate and I sure love a good art museum. We visited the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney. We spent 2 hours there, but could have spent a whole day there. The diversity of styles and materials on display was inspiring. We also visited the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, a smaller collection, but just as diverse. The GMA had special showcases of Asian art and pieces that beautifully and, sometimes, graphically depicted Australian history. There is also a Children’s Art Center with play area that we didn’t have time to visit. Next time.

Kookaburra in a tree
Kookaburra in a tree

8. Wildlife

One of the special things about Australia is the wildlife. Being such a large land mass, so isolated from any other, they have some of the most bizarre and unique animals. Now before you ask, no, we didn’t run into any deadly or venomous animals in the wild (that we know of). But we did see dozens of large, sun-bathing iguanas. We saw cockatoos, just flying free and kookaburras sitting in an old gum tree. (Please tell me you know that reference.)

One night we saw a mama brush tailed possum and her baby hanging out in a tree. Standing on the Shorncliffe Pier, we saw hundreds of blue blubber jellyfish, so unique, like no jellyfish we’d ever seen before. We saw so many more animals that we didn’t know the names of. And get this, during our whole trip, I only got one mosquito bite. That’s 1 mosquito bite! How’s that for paradise?

7. Friendliness

Once outside of Sydney, we were pleasantly surprised by the friendliness, not that the Sydney-ites were mean or rude, they just weren’t as overflowing with their welcoming. Maybe it was the fact that we began our trip in Sydney, that the rest of the country seemed so warm and welcoming. I think the accent helps with this one, too. When someone opens their mouth and the Aussie accent comes out, I just know we’re going to be instant friends. Haha I could never get tired of hearing, “G’day” or “No worries, Mate”. I love me that Aussie accent… But it was more than that, the people were kind, friendly, helpful, and always good for a laugh.

Playing at the sand dunes
Playing at the sand dunes behind The Retreat Port Stephens

6. Landscape

Australia has it all! We saw pine-forest covered mountains and rain-forest jungles. We saw the Clarence River lazily winding through rich, fertile farmland. The first night of our road trip, we stayed at The Retreat Port Stephens, which has giant sand dunes leading to a pristine, white sand beach, as its backyard. (I’ll get back to the beaches) And we didn’t even scratch the surface of all Australia has to offer in terms of landscape. There’s the whole Outback, the Great Barrier Reef, more tropical rain-forest further north, and snow covered mountains further south. Really, I think everyone could find somewhere to love!

"The Donald" from Burger Urge
Nate just couldn’t help himself, this burger is called The Donald from Burger Urge

5. Restaurants

The only things we ate more than once were burgers, pizza, and meat pies, and ohhhh, they were good! Being such an international hub, Sydney, especially, had every kind of food from every different region of the globe. We ate Indian, Malaysian, Thai, Italian, and Chinese, just to name a few. And we saw so many more that we didn’t get the chance to try. We saw some familiar places from the States, like McDonald’s (called Makkers, here), KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominoes… oh, and Outback Steakhouse (No, we didn’t eat at Makkers, but yes, we did have Outback, and I’m only partially ashamed).

Not only was the variety of restaurants there, but the quality was truly something to rave about. Oliver’s Real Food, in Maclean, was a delicious reminder how tasty real, whole food could be. I can’t remember the name, but the Malaysian restaurant we tried felt like we were really eating authentic food, recipes that had been passed down for generations.

Fresh, ripe strawberries
Strawberries, strawberries, and more strawberries

4. Fresh Food

Coming from our South Pacific island of American Samoa, where fresh food isn’t always readily available, the produce sections of the grocery stores looked like Heaven on Earth. The fruit and veggies looked fresh and were mostly reasonably priced. We bought more strawberries* and/or blueberries everyday. The food in the restaurants looked and tasted fresh and flavorful. We didn’t even get to a Farmer’s Market (which was on my bucket-list, but sadly had to wait for another trip). The reason being, that we were able to find such an abundance of fresh and real foods by simply walking down the grocery store aisles.

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
Bondi Beach in Sydney

3. Beaches

The beaches were one of the main things I worried would be disappointing. We spent very little time at the beaches, due to rainy weather and prioritizing other things ahead (again, we were coming from a tropical island), but we could see at a glance the beauty and vibe of the beaches. Australian beaches go on forever! I’m talking miles and miles and miles, or should I say kilometers and kilometers. Most of the ones we saw were made up of the softest, whitest sand. There were caves and tide pools to explore. Our favorite beach was Caves Beach, a few hours north of Sydney. We also had a blast at Bondi Beach, where the energy was alive. I was afraid that the crowds would feel overwhelming, in comparison with our empty beaches of home. On the contrary, even crowded Bondi Beach was exhilarating and fun.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane, Australia
Getting to pet a koala was #1 on Hadley’s bucket-list

2. Koala Sanctuary

Before going, one of my top bucket-list experiences was going to a wildlife sanctuary. While in Brisbane, we went to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. I instantly fell in love! We spent a whole day there and I could have gone back again and again. There were so many more native animals than we had seen in the wild. We’d been joking with the kids about being wary of dingoes, and then we saw some, and they are way cuter than I had ever imagined. We got to pet a koala (you can hold one, but it was pricier than we were willing to pay) and, assuming they’d be super soft, we were surprised by how coarse the fur was. We watched a sheep dog demonstration which the kids and adults enjoyed.

Hand Feeding Kangaroos in Australia
Even Nate and I couldn’t get enough of these fun, furry little cuties

But the main attraction was the kangaroos! I know, you’d think it would be the koalas, but those friendly roos completely won us over. There is a great, big open grassy area, where we spent a couple hours, at least, just hanging out with them. We fed them, took a million pictures, and even played with some of the smaller ones. We loved it. The kids loved it. We HAVE to go back someday!

Family Travel at Botanical Gardens, Sydney, Australia
Traveling with family has it’s ups and downs, but it’s totally worth it!

1. Friends & Family

Lastly, we LOVED getting to see friends and family! I know, not everyone will have this perk to visiting Australia, but if you’ve ever lived far, far away from loved ones, you’ll know what an incredible treat this was for us. Nate’s grandpa was born and raised north of Brisbane and most of his cousins are still living there. We got to reunite with family we hadn’t seen in years and meet new family for the first time. We also met Nate’s mom and step-dad, who live in San Francisco, which was so nice for the kids to spend so much time with their grandma. There’s nothing quite like being with family. Some times were frustrating, but mostly it was a real treat after seeing no one for almost a year and a half.

Australian BBQ
Roo, croc, bugs, and prawns on the barby, can you get anymore Australian than that?

We stayed with family in Brisbane, which saved us $, and they were a wealth of info for the best things to do and see. They also bent over backwards to make us the best, most exotic bbq! I had mentioned that I wanted to try some real Aussie food, you know- kangaroo, croc… A couple nights later, they treated us to bbq roo, croc, Moreton Bay Bugs (flat-head lobster), and prawns. Yes, we had prawns on the barby! And it was amazing! Okay, everything was amazing except the roo. I’ll admit that I didn’t love it, but I’m glad to say I’ve tried it.

Friends Reunite in Sydney, Australia
Best day ever! Getting to see one of my best friends after 16 years

Just as amazing, was getting to meet up with one of my best friends whom I hadn’t seen in 16 years! It was surreal, sitting there, eating brunch with her and our two families. It was like the last 16 years hadn’t happened, except we had even more things to talk about. The conversation flowed. We still laughed and joked and our hubbies only added to the fun.

Honorable Mentions

I could go on and on, the Opera House in Sydney, the whole city of Brisbane, road tripping between cities, the kids getting to ride on the metro…

But I’ll finish here. If you ever get a chance to visit Australia, please, go! My dream destination truly was a dream come true. Even with cloudy skies and downpours for most of the two weeks, it was easy to see that this place is something special.

Pinnable Australia Image
Australia is seriously amazing! Pin and share this so everyone can know just how awesome it is!

Is there somewhere you’ve been dreaming of? Are you worried it won’t live up to the pictures in your mind? Go. Find out. Who knows, you may just come to find that you love it so much you’d be willing to change your life to move there.


10 thoughts on “10 Things We Loved About Australia”

    1. Who couldn’t love their accents? Actually, it’s funny because Nate’s cousin, who is from Brisbane, couldn’t believe it when we told her Australian is one of the most beloved accents in the world. She said they just sounded like a bunch of hicks ? I can’t wait to get back when it’s a little warmer and explore more of their beautiful beaches!

  1. Looks like such a wonderful trip. Australia seems like such a great place to take the kids. My kids (and me to) would just love the koalas and kangaroos. Thanks for all the helpful information!

    1. My pleasure! Australia really was a dream come true for me, as well as the kids. I could go back to the koala sanctuary day after day after day. Loved it! Hope you get the chance to go someday.

  2. Australia is on our bucket list! We were supposed to go back in 2012 but we were surprised with our eldest son instead! We’d love to take the kids one day, if we can get over the length of the flight!

    1. We had planned on going back in 2016, but the crashing economy kept us grounded. You’re reason was much better! The flight is killer from just about anywhere in the world, but I guess that’s part of what makes it so special. If you get the chance to go, look past the flight time and go for it!

  3. I would love, love, LOVE to take my family to Australia! And also be surrounded by the accents.
    So glad you had a nice time visiting with friends and family, trying local fare.

    1. Thanks! It was a long time coming and we’re so grateful we were able to make it happen! If you can swing it one of these days, I would definitely recommend a family vacation in Australia. I just wish we would have had longer.

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