Swing Beach: Nua, American Samoa

It was a wet and rainy day. We decided, if we couldn’t play at the beach, we would jump in the car and drive all the way to the west end of the island… We only made it as far as Nua.

Driving at the leisurely speed of 25 mph, along the ocean, Holden pointed out a giant tree with a rope swing hanging down and begged to give it a try. Nate (the cool parent that he is) pulled over and took Holden to let him swing a few times before we continued on. After watching Holden laughing and having fun, Hadley and Kip couldn’t be contained. Without all our usual beach snacks and toys, we headed over in the pouring rain, for a few minutes of fun.

Hours later, now with the sun peaking out from between the clouds, we were still there, venturing to see what else this beach had to offer. And we’ve been back at least once a month, since then.


Child swinging at Nua, American Samoa

As this was the first thing that caught our eyes, I figured I’d highlight it first.

Brother and sister swinging
The kids can spend hours playing on these simple rope swings, getting more creative and daring the longer we stay
Kids Swinging at Nua Beach
What kid doesn’t love swinging?


Panoramic view of Swing Beach at Nua, American Samoa
Look at the reach of that tree!

Just like Samoans use every part of the coconut, our kids use every part of the tree.

Hanging from a tree
Hanging out
Young Boy in a Tree
Climbing up
Young Boy Climbing a Tree
Monkeying around
Girl Getting Ready to Jump into Ocean
Or jumping off
Banyan Tree at Nua
Rain or shine, this Banyan tree provides the protection and entertainment necessary for a full day of fun


Nua Beach is one of the best beaches on the island in terms of soft sand. This sand is a light, caramel color and perfect for building sand castles or burying someone.

Girl Buried in the Sand
Mermaid Hadley
Boy Buried in the Sand
We buried Holden all the way up to his neck
Sandy kisses
Nate snuck in some kisses while Kip was trapped

Further down the beach are some rock formations that help shed some light on the way the island was formed.

Unique rock formations at Nua
You can just picture the lava flowing
Tide Pools at Nua
And the tide pools that form within the rock formations provide extra fun


Due to the reef off-shore, the waves are usually gentle and calm.

Boy in calm ocean
The calm waters make it perfect for younger kids
Floating in the ocean
It’s great for adults to relax in, too
Mom and son in ocean
Or for moms to snuggle with their littles
Walk to the Reef, at Low Tide
At low tide, you can walk all the way out to the breakers
Nua Beach, Ocean View
And just past the breakers, it’s easily deep enough for snorkeling and spearfishing

So, there you have it!

Our kids’ favorite beach. You’ll come for the swings and stay for the rest- sea, sand, sun, and shade.

Tell me, what makes a certain beach a favorite for you and your family?

Pinnable Nua Beach Image
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