Nonni’s Moon, By Julia Inserro

The idea of thousands of miles is hard for little minds to grasp; when those miles separate children from loved ones, it makes it even harder. Nonni’s Moon is a fantastic picture book which shows the struggle of living away from loved ones, from a child’s point-of-view.

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Nonni’s Moon

Nonni’s Moon is a story of a family who moves to the other side of the world. Young Beanie misses her grandma that she had to leave behind. Beanie doesn’t understand why she can’t see Nonni everyday and wishes they weren’t so far apart. But Beanie and Nonni come up with a plan, a magical way to send messages every day. With the help of the moon, they no longer feel quite so far apart. Soon, Beanie shares their new form of messaging with others who are separated from family and friends. And she realizes no matter how many miles are between Nonni and her, they will always be close.

When I read Nonni’s Moon to our kids, I could see them relating to Beanie’s character. They were engaged, asked questions, and followed every word. When we moved to American Samoa, we had to say good-bye to everyone we loved. No matter how much we love the adventure of living abroad, there have been times when we’ve each wished that we could be with our families and friends back in the States. As soon as I finished the book, Holden (7 years old) exclaimed, “I can’t believe it worked!” and suggested that we try the same. We discussed the family and friends who we missed and what made them special to us. I told the kids that we could call their Grandma’s today and try it out for ourselves.

Through the soft-hued illustrations and fanciful winding text, young readers are transported to a foreign land where they too can feel Beanie’s sorrow and excitement. Whether you have loved ones just down the road or a world away, your little ones will be enchanted by Nonni’s Moon and ask you to read it “one more time”.

Julia Inserro, Author of Nonni's Moon
Julia doing a book reading at her son’s school

Meet the Author

The author, Julia Inserro is a mom of three littles, living abroad with her husband and a handful of cats. She is a writer, reader, photographer, and explorer. She is the author of Nonni’s Moon, her first children’s book, available for pre-sale and set to release in July 2018. Julia finds that life is a series of wanderings and wonderings and enjoys sharing her musings with the world. You can find more about Julia and her experiences raising a family as an American expat in Kuwait, Jordan, and Bahrain on her website Plus, Julia’s is offering FREE Nonni’s Moon Coloring Pages when you sign up for her newsletter.

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