Hotel Chillies- The Best Budget Hotel in Roatan, Honduras

As budget hotels go, in Roatan, Honduras, there is one that stands apart from the rest. Hotel Chillies is more than a budget hotel, it’s a rendezvous of backpackers, couples, and families, uniquely set-up to comfortably accommodate almost any type of traveler.

Hotel Chillies- Roatan, Honduras

Roatan is one of the Bay Islands off the Atlantic Coast of Honduras. With it’s low cost-of-living and blossoming tourist business, Roatan is a splendid choice for any budget-friendly, tropical holiday.

Hotel Chillies Ocean View
Peaking through the Palm Trees for a View of the Atlantic

What First Attracted Us to Hotel Chillies

Before leaving on our trip, I swear we looked at every resort, hotel, and hostel in Roatan. With over 150 on the island, it was a chore. There were really three things that we were unwilling to compromise on.

  1. Price- Our budget was next to nothing and Hotel Chillies was a steal, compared to most other establishments on the island. I’ll admit, that raised a couple warning flags in my mind, but since we were traveling without the kids, I figured I could handle whatever came (or didn’t come) with the low price tag.
  2. Proximity to the Beach- If you look at Hotel Chillies on a map, you’ll see that it’s right across the street from a beautiful, white sand beach. Even from our cabin, set back in the garden, we could have our toes in the sand within two-minutes of stepping off our front porch.
  3. Peace and Quiet- We were visiting Roatan sans kids, to celebrate our 10th Naturally, we were looking for a quiet place, with plenty of privacy, to enjoy our romantic getaway. From the pictures on their website, the garden cabins looked like they would fit the bill. They were basic, with no pillow mints or air-conditioning. But with a ceiling fan and the ocean breeze blowing through the louvered windows, they were perfect for this old married couple rediscovering the simple life (before kids, haha). Hotel Chillies also offers dorm beds, private rooms, and luxury studios.
Garden Cabin Hotel Chillies
One Bedroom Garden Cabin
Image via Facebook- Hotel Chillies

Why We Love Hotel Chillies

Looking out the plane window, I saw the green jungle and turquoise-blue water. I knew I was going to love this tropical, island paradise. But I was still apprehensive about our home for the next week. That unease quickly melted away as we walked up the steps to check-in and I soon fell in love with our home away from home.

  1. Garden- Behind the main-house, there is a garden full of palm trees, tropical flowers, and mango trees. I’m not big on mangoes, but Nate had access to all he could eat. At night, when we were lying in bed, we could hear the wind rustling through the leaves, geckos chirping, and birds singing their lullabies. This nature’s orchestra was never so loud to keep us awake. Rather, it lulled us into restful slumber.

    Hotel Chillies Mango Bowl
    Bowl of Mangoes and Flowers
    Image via Facebook- Hotel Chillies
  2. Proximity to Everything- Although we booked our stay at Hotel Chillies for the proximity to the beach, once there, we realized it was an ideal distance to everything else. Right off shore is world class snorkeling, with Roatan boasting the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world. Restaurants catering to both tourists and locals are within easy walking distance. There are gift shops and dive shops, local Honduran chocolate shops, and shops that sell every blend of tropical fruit smoothies imaginable. Within a five-minute walk you can hire a taxi to show you the island, rent a scooter to explore it for yourself, or hop on a water taxi to show you the island from the fish’s point of view.
    Hiking on Roatan
    One day, we opted to rent a scooter and hike around the island

    Roatan Hidden Cove
    And stumbled upon this hidden cove
  3. People- Within the grounds of Hotel Chillies, there is a whole community. When you first turn off the street you’ll see the in-house restaurant, Yahongreh. Yahongreh is open for breakfast and lunch, and fun to say again and again. We ate at least one meal there every day, because it was convenient and so good. Walk a little further in and you’ll find a full dive shop on your right. Connected to the main-house is a used book shop, within which I fully indulged myself during my kid-free vacation. The staff was always ready to help, both on-site and off. They had great recommendations for things to do and places to see. And I can’t say enough about our fellow travelers. This was the place where we first saw the possibilities of real family, adventure travel. The friendly, easy-going atmosphere of Hotel Chillies lends itself to all those who stay. With free wifi available on the front porch of the main-house, we spent many evenings relaxing in hammocks, chatting with the other guests, sharing leftovers of the local cuisine, and building friendships that would carry on beyond our brief encounters in paradise.
Hotel Chillies Yahongreh
Hotel Chillies Baleada
Baleada- to this day, I still dream about these! Image via Facebook- Hotel Chillies

You Know You Want to

We recommend Hotel Chillies to anyone visiting Roatan because of the truly exceptional experiences we had during our stay there. If you, too, are looking for a budget-friendly slice of paradise, where you can explore like a tourist, but settle in like a local, Hotel Chillies will not disappoint.

For rates and reservation: Hotel Chillies

For more information on our experience on Roatan: Roatan- A Hidden Paradise

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