Beat the Stuck-at-Home Blues

When you look at your surroundings, do you feel listless? Uninspired? Are you dreaming of travel, but feeling like it’s just not in the cards for you right now?

I’ve lived in some really incredible places, where I should have been perfectly content. But no matter where I find myself, eventually I get that old, familiar hunger to be somewhere new. Call it ADD, or the travel bug, or wanderlust, whatever you like, but there’s no arguing that stuck-at-home blues are real.

Beat the Stuck-at-Home Blues

Listed below are some ways to cope with those feelings of discontent and longing.

Note: I’m not a doctor and am completely unqualified to assess or recommend treatment for depression. If you feel like you’re suffering from more than blue, please consider contacting a medical professional who can offer counseling and treatment!

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Get Outside

Take a deep breath of fresh air. Breathe deeply. Even if it’s below freezing and you’re dreaming of somewhere warmer, at least get out long enough to take a few nice, cleansing breaths. Better yet, find an activity you can do outside. Combining fresh air and exercise is a sure way to fight any blues.

Take notice of the beauty around you. Whether that beauty is frost on the bare trees, the sun rising over an urban jungle or setting over sun-parched rolling hills, the song of a bird, or children exploring Mother Nature; beauty can be found anywhere you look.

SAH backyard

Be a Tourist In Your Own Town

Samoans are always telling us that we have seen more of this island than they have. They’re surprised that we take advantage of every weekend, either at the beach or hiking, trying to experience every inch of this paradise while we’re here.

Before we left Idaho, we were stuck at home, wishing we could be anywhere but there. We had to change our attitude. Instead of waiting around until we could go somewhere exotic, we decided to buy a travel trailer and start exploring our own backyard. Almost every weekend, we went somewhere, discovering new places that we had heard of and never taken the time to see for ourselves.

You don’t want to look back and regret not taking full advantage of a place when you had the opportunity.

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Keep Dreaming and Planning

Even as we toured around Idaho in our travel trailer, we kept researching ways to go international.

During those months, I spent hours online, dreaming and planning. I checked websites like Skyscanner and Student Universe almost daily, watching for incredible deals and daydreaming of purchasing those tickets. I planned elaborate road-trips across Europe. Did you know there are Workaway gigs that you can use to hop around SE Asia? We watched movies that kept our wanderlust alive, I read books about travel and adventure, and we talked about all the places we wanted to visit.  I spent hours reading and listening to travel blogs and podcasts; hearing stories of other families who were making travel work for them, helped keep me inspired and motivated.

Set goals to help you get there. If you haven’t already, set-up a separate savings account just for travel. We used to wait until the end of the month and then transfer anything that was left, but we found that we weren’t saving as much as we thought we should. Now we automatically transfer a certain amount at the beginning of each pay period and somehow we still have money left at the end to tansfer also.

SAH heart

Don’t Lose Heart

I’m guessing that you’ve been there, too. If you’re reading this then I’m assuming you must have some interest in travel, which means there’s probably at least one trip that seems just out of reach. If it makes you feel any better, I’m right there with you! Even living in paradise doesn’t exempt us from feeling this way.

Keep going!

When I’m feeling stuck, I like to connect with other traveling families who are doing what I wish my family could be doing. They are usually founts of knowledge and experience that help me stay on track and stay motivated.

At one of my lowest times, when long-term travel seemed like an unreachable dream, I started a blog about travel. There are so many roadblocks to traveling (especially for long-term, family travel), I wanted to help break down as many as possible for others.

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Unless you have unlimited funds and time, you’re probably stuck dreaming of somewhere, too. While you’re stuck, take a break and go outside, look around to see what your missing from your own backyard, keep researching and making plans, and never give up!

So where are you wanting to go? And what are you doing about it? Do you have any tricks to help beat the stuck-at-home blues?

If you need help with the planning stage, download my free Travel Dream Planner. It will help you see exactly what steps you need to take to be ready to embark on that dream trip, or at least the trip that keeps you sane in the meantime.

As always, keep Traveling Oustide-the-Box!

39 thoughts on “Beat the Stuck-at-Home Blues”

  1. Our favorite completely free activity we love doing in creek jumping. A Lot of our state parks have creeks that run through them so we like to explore different spots. Depending on the size of the park we could easily have a whole months worth of different location to check out. This is also a good in between for a trips to the beach. The kids love the water, I love how tired they become and how much they learn about their surroundings.

    1. Awesome! My kids can spend hours playing in creeks, too. I love how much you can discover when you just take the time to look around. And yes, worn out kids are definitely a plus ?

  2. Wonderful post! This was very inspiring. We only moved once when I was a child, but yet I seem to always want to move somewhere new as an adult. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely hate the moving itself! I will be taking a look at your Travel Dream Planner. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! Yes, the actual process of moving is not great, but being in a new place is totally worth it! I hope the planner helps. Let me know about the trip you plan with it! ❤️

    1. Where do you live? I’m always looking for new places to add to my bucket-list. There are so many things in life that seem to take precedence, that it can be hard to get the money into savings, but it’s always worth it when we’re away from home, whether to relax or to have an adventure. Definitely check out the planner. I hope it helps!

  3. I’m the same way. I also want to travel a lot. We like to save money for bigger trips and go on smaller “staycations” every few weeks. I signed our family up for a yearly pass at our local science museum and that pass gets us into science museums all over the country. It’s a great way for us to get out of the house without spending a lot of money.

  4. I LOVE being a tourist in my own town. It’s possibly one of the most underrated, yet appreciated things to do.

  5. There is so much to do in the world around us if you just take the time to explore. Such a fun and great way to see more of the beauty around where you are. Thanks!

  6. I can truly appreciate your little insert about mental health and considering seeing a doctor. I have SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder and Disthymnia (ms) sometimes people assume they are fine “normal” because they hear others are blue too when in reality it can be much more. I agree with your concept of looking for beauty, it would be a shame to only notice it the few weeks each vacation.

    1. I’m glad you’ve taken the time and effort to listen to your body and recognize that you’re suffering from more than just the blues. That’s a really depressing thought, only looking for beauty twin weeks out of a year! Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing your experience!

  7. We love traveling, but sometimes a good workout is a great way to get over being upset or angry about something in our lives.

  8. I really like the idea of being a tourist in your own town. I’m sure there will always be something you have yet to discover where you live.

    1. Ugh, sorry you’ve been feeling that way. Winter can definitely make it worse, but at least Spring is on it’s way and soon you’ll be able to go out and enjoy some warm weather. In the meantime, keep dreaming of those white sand beaches and sun!

  9. This is great! I love exploring my town, it seems I discover something I didn’t notice before each time that I do!

  10. I’ve always wanted to be a tourist in my own city. It seems like a great practice to get to know all the little things and secrets

  11. We started saving this year because we’re planning to travel in different countries, but I think I’m gonna go outside and explore my own city first! Great article!

  12. We were just at the local forest preserve last weekend and I was overwhelmed at how many things we could actually do that are so fun and close by home.

    1. Yes! It’s amazing, I lived most of my life in the same place. Once I was an adult and started looking around I was surprised to see just how much my home had to offer! Thanks for reading!

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