HELP! I’m a Minimalist Who Has No Idea What I Want For Christmas

I need help!

There are just a few days left before Christmas and there is nothing under the tree with my name on it. Nate and the kids keep reminding me that I am running out of time. Soon, it will be Christmas morning and there will be nothing for me. What is a mom to do?

Nate and I decided a few years ago not to buy Christmas presents for each other any more. We have both embraced the idea of minimalism and it no longer makes sense to spend money on something that the other person does not absolutely want. Instead, we each search for the perfect gift for ourselves. We buy it for ourselves. The other person wraps it, then we wait until Christmas morning to enjoy the self-selected gifts.

I crave simplicity. The idea of clutter makes me break out in hives. Due to our traveling lifestyle, we aim to keep only what we can carry. If we had to pack up and leave tomorrow, we would have very little work to fit all our belongings in our suitcases.

teddy case

However, I would not call myself a minimalism purist. I still indulge in some excesses. I have a few more than 20 articles in my wardrobe, unlike the elusive capsule wardrobe. As a homeschooling mom to young children, I allow a small amount of art and science clutter.

I have not sworn off all material objects. Instead, I do my research to know that what I am spending my money on, and allowing into my life, will serve me and give me value on a daily basis.

And so, Christmas approaches and I have no idea what to buy for myself. Of course, there are things that I want, but they are either out of my price range, are not accessible on our tiny island of American Samoa, or I am unable to conclusively determine that they would be worth the money.

Christmas spirit in American Samoa

I have been considering what I love to do: spend time with my family, spend time at the beach, run, write, and travel. Spending time with my family and at the beach are enjoyed with very few physical objects, which we already have. I have a great pair of Brooks running shoes, adequate clothes that fit and wear well, and an Apple Watch that tracks everything I need and more. I have a great tablet for my writing, which was last year’s Christmas present.

We are already living in paradise, on our tropical island, and are saving money to take a trip this coming spring. Yes, I would love to be traveling more, but from our South Pacific island, everywhere is out of our price range for now.

So, here is my plea…

Give me some suggestions. What does a blogging, running, home-schooling, island-living, minimalist mom gift herself for Christmas? What is something that has truly brought value to your life or blog/business?

Thank you!

And go…

Note: I’m looking in the $0-$200 range and it does not need to be a physical object capable of being wrapped and laid under the tree. I am super open to any ideas.

26 thoughts on “HELP! I’m a Minimalist Who Has No Idea What I Want For Christmas”

  1. What you describe is actually the essence of minimalism! Indulging in things that have meaning for you, and sculpting your life to fit your needs but not overcrowding sounds like the exact principles I am trying to add into my own life. Your Christmas gift idea sounds good too, I’d much rather pick my own present!

    1. I was listening to a podcast the other day which mentioned having a good quality tripod. Not a bad idea. Also, I used to be really good at journaling before kids, a bullet journal might be a good way to get back in the habit. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. As a new minimalist my self I asked the same question. What can I say I want for Christmas when someone asks. Since I love helping others I always say donate a turkey or something to feed the homeless. There are a lot of other things such as donating to an organization to help give a homeless person in need of a coat for the winter. Good Luck. Merry Christmas

    1. Thank you for your suggestion and for helping others! After all, I think that’s what this season is about, giving. You’ve given me something good to think about! Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. Buy a star name, You don’t have to keep it around but it’s always there, you can share it with the world and pass it down for generation. Plus how cool would it be to name a star.

  4. That is a hard question to answer. I normally would buy myself a present for Christmas but I can’t think of one that I want. I always like gift cards.

  5. Im not a stuff person so I ask for gift cards to local fitness studios and massages. Not sure if that translates to american samoa. Maybe a “pass” to take a day off – take yourself out to lunch, come home and draw a hot bath or watch a movie of your choice. Time to read in a coffee shop without the family. hmmm…

    1. In years past, we’ve asked grandparents for babysitting throughout the year, so we could have date nights. I hadn’t thought about asking Nate for quiet, alone time for myself. I’m going to have to think about that ? Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. I am a food blogger so my life tends to be the opposite of minimalist as I tend to buy what I consider to be essential for my blogging, mostly kitchen items and photography or props. If you are travelling light how about an online course that helps with your blogging goals or perhaps a day at the spa for some pampering?

    1. I love the idea of having a fully stocked kitchen, but I always talk myself out of buying anything. Haha. I’ve been thinking about the course idea… Any recommendations?

  7. We are full time travelers. So I asked for handmade coupons from my kids and husband. I get to choose the tv show, sleep in for 30 extra minutes, a foot massage, ect

  8. I always feel like experiences are way better then materialistic things! Especially since you’ll have photos to look back on and memories!!

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