Delta Airlines: A Good Review

With all the negative press the airlines have been getting recently, I thought I should share our positive experience.

We flew Delta from Boise to Seattle and from Seattle to San Jose.

We weren’t able to check in the night before and when I checked online, it showed the kids and I all sitting separately. I knew this wasn’t going to work. My kids are nine, six and three. If anyone wanted any peace and quiet, I at least needed to have Kip (the 3 y/o) with me. Plus, Holden (the 6 y/o) still has trouble remembering to use the bathroom when distracted, so it would be best to have him by me too.

After all of the recent stories, I was feeling increasingly nervous about how we be treated, as a family with young children. I wondered if I would get helpful airline employees, who would actually care enough to help.

We got to the airport and self check-in was a breeze.

We easily made it through security without any incidents.

Once we found our gate, I asked the desk agent if there was anything we could do about our seating. Not only were they willing to help us, they had tickets already waiting for us.

Delta Kip & MeWe had four seats all in a row.

Delta Ha & HoWhen the snack cart came, our flight attendant was very patient. As I was hustling the kids to hurry and make their decisions, she was assuring me that it was fine and repeated all the selections for each of the kids.

When we landed in Seattle, we had to run to catch our connecting flight to San Jose. I hoped that we would be as lucky as before and have seats together. Sure enough, when I handed them our tickets at the gate, they switched them out for tickets where we were all together.

Again, the flight attendants were patient and kind, patiently waiting for the kids to make their snack selections and then offering them extras when the kids couldn’t decide.

Delta Kip Snack
I’ll admit, I stole a bite of Kip’s granola bar and regretted not getting one for myself. It was very tasty ☺

Just as we were starting our descent into San Jose, as the seat-belt light came one, Holden had a potty emergency. He was wiggling in his seat and I knew he wouldn’t make it until we were off the plane. I told him to run up to the lavatory, hoping he wouldn’t be sent back to his seat. Someone was still using it, so he spent the next two minutes (it seemed like much longer) pacing/potty-dancing around the front of the plane. The flight attendants were trying to contain their laughter, kindly allowing him to be the on-board entertainment for the whole plane. Finally, the lavatory was free and he ran in, just in time.

Luckily, the kids were well behaved. We didn’t have any outbursts or breakdowns. They quietly played their tablets, read their books, looked out the window and Kip even fell asleep on the second flight.

I would definitely recommend Delta to anyone traveling with kids. They made the whole experience easy and pleasant.

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