What Makes You Tick?

Why do I want to take my family and venture into the unknown?

We have a nice home, with good friends and family nearby, and we’re happy. Why would I want to shake everything up and put us in a place where we would be uncomfortable, possibly in danger?

We’re happy where we are but…

Could we be happier?

Could we feel more fulfilled?

Could we find a place that we love even more than our beloved Idaho?

What possibilities await us?


I know that there are places in the world that you have to see with your own eyes to really be able to appreciate them to their fullest.

I know that there are things that you have to experience for yourself to understand the reality of them.

Grand Canyon
Hiking the switchbacks into the Grand Canyon.

When I was 19, I was working as a waitress at a lodge on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. One day a group of us took the day off and hiked the Canyon from rim to rim. That was an experience that I will never forget and that helped me grow mentally and emotionally. I learned determination, endurance and gained a lot of grit that day. I saw the Grand Canyon in a way that most people will never see it, even if they stand up on the rims and look down into it. I became closer with that group of friends as we made this difficult hike together. In the end, we splintered off as some wanted to go faster and some slower. For the last mile, I was all alone. That last mile was the hardest and I only had myself to keep me going. I learned that I could do hard things and that I could do them on my own!

I never would have made that hike, had I not been in that place, with those people and been open to the idea of that adventure.

We only have one life, and I know its completely cliché, but I don’t want to miss anything!

I want to be open to any opportunity that comes my way. I want to be ready to say “Yes”!

What About the Kids?

Not only for myself but for my kids also. I want my kids to know that they can do anything. I want them to know that they are strong and brave and capable of greatness.
I realize that we don’t have to be traveling for them to learn these lessons. There are amazing people who have never left their countries or even their home towns. I understand that travel isn’t necessary for my kids’ future. I understand that this is a want and not a need.

But I want it so badly!

I want to open the world for my kids! I want them to understand that we aren’t the only people living on this planet and that our way of living is not the only way.


I want them to see how stunning and diverse Mother Nature is. I want them to watch a sunrise over the Sahara Desert, see the glowworms in the Waitomo Caves of New Zealand, scuba-dive with Reef Sharks at the Great Barrier Reef, and hike the Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island in The Philippines.

I want my kids to understand discomfort, poverty and destitution. I want them to feel gratitude because they’ve seen what’s its like for people to have little or nothing, not just because I’ve instructed them to say thank-you a thousand times.

I want my kids to understand wealth,  grandeur and extravagance. I want them to see the most awe-inspiring buildings this world has to offer. I want them to stand at the foot of Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and Catherine’s Palace in St. Petersburg.

I want my kids to see all this and understand that its up to them to make their dreams happen. They can take all the information they have received and decide for themselves where they want their future to take them.

I want to make memories as a family that will last the rest of our lives. I plan on taking lots of pictures and writing these memories down, so they will never be forgotten. Years down the road, when our kids are grown, we can look back through our memories and laugh and cry about the experiences we had together.

Waiting for our flight after a four hour road trip. Look, everyone is still smiling!


I want to go places with limited/no internet connection, so we’ll be forced to interact with each other and with the local people.

I want my kids to see that they can make their own dreams come true, that the “American Dream” is not the only way and not always the best way. I want them to feel the freedom to live the lives they want, not the way society tells them to.

I want my kids to grow up to be well-adjusted, independent, contributing adults. Nate and I both agree that, while travel isn’t the only way to make this happen, its the way we choose to raise our kids to be the best that they can be.

What is it that drives you? Whether you want to travel or not, what is something big that you want to do with your life? What makes you feel passionate about it? Now what are you willing to do to get it?

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