What to Expect- An Intro to Traveling Outside the Box


I’m so excited that you’re here with us! Thanks for checking out our site.

This is the story of how one family is making the choice to live and travel outside the box.

Have you ever looked around and found yourself so deeply entrenched into the rat race that you can’t see a way out? Have you wondered how you got there? Have you dreamed of packing up and moving to someplace warmer? Someplace simpler? Someplace where you can rediscover yourself?

In the summer of 2015, that’s exactly where we found ourselves! What started as our 10th anniversary get-away, turned into an eye-opening experience that reset the course of our lives. We came home with a plan to uproot our family from the life that was holding us captive and head out into the unknown world.

Planning a trip with three young kids can be a challenge. When we have gone camping, we have tried to keep it less than an hour away to avoid a car full of fighting kids. Also, we have packed half of our house into the car to be sure we haven’t forget anything.

No more!

It Was Time for a Change.

Life has changed a lot since we first envisioned this new way of living. We have a new job, new cars, a new house, a new school and a new attitude. Sacrifices have been made and some have turned out to be major blessings in disguise. We’ve had setbacks, which have felt like we would never take the leap. We have had exciting developments and some mini-trips to help keep us motivated.

Through it all, we have found so much freedom and happiness in our journey to leave normal behind. We have a fire inside us that takes us through the good and the bad, pushing us forward until this life becomes a reality. Instead of following the status-quo, we are starting to live the life we want!


Over the past year, we have brainstormed ideas of how to accomplish our goal:

Taking a trip around the world, with just a carry-on each.

Moving to a new country and learning the local language and customs.

Doing volunteer work for strangers, in return for a roof over our heads.

Spending a year sailing around the Caribbean, dropping anchor at each different island.

These are just some of the scenarios we have been looking into, with the intention of getting to know the world outside our own.

Each week I will post on a new topic. I will start by giving some background on our family and our journey. Then I will dive into the how, where, why and how much of traveling.

Maybe the way we do things will seem crazy. Maybe you will find the inspiration to be your own kind of crazy too!

Follow me as I take you through our journey of living the lifestyle we choose. Eventually, I hope you will travel with us around the world.
Next week:  A Peak into the Past

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